Einstein Bot

 Conversational chatbot powered using Salesforce's AI layer

 Interact with customers and provide them with the information

 It is an additional channel of engagement (along with phone, email, text message, and social media) for customers

 It can be made available on the company’s websites, customer/partner community pages, customer/partner-facing mobile apps.

 Understand your customer’s general queries and create a conversation flow to smartly

Key benefits of Einstein Bot

 Transfer Bot Conversations.

 Train Your Bot to Understand Customer Intent.

 Delay Bots Responses.

 Evaluate Your Bots.

 Conversation Repair.

 Always Available Customer Support.

 Ease the load on your employees.

 Reduce customer wait times.

Few benefits that a business can easily avail of using these Chatbots

 Quick Case Deflection- Chatbots are smart enough to answer the basic queries of the people so that not many cases are logged and only a few of them need to wait for an agent to get them resolved.

 Reduced 'Waiting' Time- Chatbots solve most of the cases at their end only so that not many people need to witness this scene.

 Saves Times for Agents-It saves much time for the agents as well, and this time can be well utilized in some other productive works to maintain their efficiency and workflow.

 Efficient redirects to customer inquiries- These bots welcome customers with a grand greeting, and also redirect them to the relevant agents whenever they feel the need for the same.

 Intelligent Responses- Chatbots are responsible for quick and intelligent responses to the customers’ queries, and let agents focus only on the complex work.

Features and Benefits

  • Conversational chatbot powered using Salesforce's AI layer
  • Welcome the customer with warm greetings so as to reflect our company's Brand.
  • Makes Customer more happy and feeling friendly to interact
  • Prompt the customers with Menu Options
  • More Interactive, and Save Time.
  • Provide knowledge on different topics to customers.
  • Can provide videos, images, URLs, etc on search topics.
  • Companies can provide exposure of their most important features to customers.
  • Understand Customer Intent with Natural Language Processing
  • Bot gracefully asks the customer to try their input again with correct formatting.
  • Capacity based Routing
  • Chatbots can transfer to Human Agents for further assistance based on the capacity and workload of agents
  • Use the Omni Supervisor feature to monitor human agent's workloads and the status of work items that are routed by Omni-Channel.